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🧝🏻‍♂️ Holly Evergreen

Hey! It's me, Holly Evergreen! My teacher has been locked out of the quiz database and can't remember the right solution.
Without access to the answer, none of our quizzes will get graded.
Can we help get back in to find that solution?

I tried lsof -i, but that tool doesn't seem to be installed.
I think there's a tool like ps that'll help too. What are the flags I need?
Either way, you'll need to know a teensy bit of Mongo once you're in.

Pretty please find us the solution to the quiz!

Find the solution hidden in the MongoDB on this system.

⚡️ Solution

When You open the Cranberry Pi terminal, You see:


To connect to Mongo Shell we use mongo to connect to local host on default port 270171


So we need to find the correct port number to connect.

Using ps2 to show the running processes :

ps -axw

-a lists processes started by all users.
-x also lists processes started at boot like daemons.
-w to wrap the output.


The correct port is 12121, let's connect to the Mongo Shell :

mongo --port 12121

To see the databases:

show dbs

We have 5 databases

admin   0.000GB
config  0.000GB
elfu    0.000GB
local   0.000GB
test    0.000GB

Let's select elfu database to use

use elfu

Then show it's collections

show collections

Elfu db collections:


Check the solution collection


{ "_id" : "You did good! Just run the command between the stars: ** db.loadServerScripts();displaySolution(); **" }

Run the command to get the flag!


Alternative Solution | mongodump

By using mongodump command to dump all databases:

mongodump --port 12121

then search the dump by grep

grep -Ril "solution"

i stands for ignore case (optional in your case).
R stands for recursive.
l stands for "show the file name, not the result itself".
. stands for current folder.


then read the bson file content

cat dump/elfu/solution.bson

t_id fYou did good! Just run the command between the stars: ** db.loadServerScripts();displaySolution(); **

then connect to mongo shell and run the command on the elfu db

mongo --port 12121;
use elfu;

You have completed the Mongo Pilfer challenge! 🎉

🧝🏻‍♂️ Holly Evergreen

Woohoo! Fantabulous! I'll be the coolest elf in class.
On a completely unrelated note, digital rights management can bring a hacking elf down.
That ElfScrow one can really be a hassle. It's a good thing Ron Bowes is giving a talk on reverse engineering!
That guy knows how to rip a thing apart. It's like he breathes opcodes!

🎓 What you've learned

  • How to connect to mongo shell and find correct port.
  • Finding databases. collections.
  • dumping databases.