Key Bitting

🎮 Get Access To The Steam Tunnels

📍 Minty's room in the dorm


🧝🏻‍♂️ Minty Candycane

You made it - congrats!

Have you played with the key grinder in my room? Check it out!
It turns out: if you have a good image of a key, you can physically copy it.
Maybe you'll see someone hopping around with a key here on campus.
Sometimes you can find it in the Network tab of the browser console.

Deviant has a great talk on it at this year's Con. He even has a collection of key bitting templates for common vendors like Kwikset, Schlage, and Yale.

Watch | Key Bitting

Optical Decoding of Keys | Deviant Ollam

While many individuals understand the need to safeguard their keys from strangers, this caution typically comes in the form of unwillingness to physically hand them to maintenance staff, valet drivers, or someone who "just needs to open a door and then bring the keys right back."

However, do you know that equal caution is merited when it comes to people seeing your keys?

Believe it or not, but it is possible to use a photograph of a key to reverse-engineer out the bitting data... a series of numbers that can be used to produce a copy, even if you never have the source key in your physical possession. This mini talk will step you through the process... live.

Find the key and enter the tunnel!

⚡️ Solution

  1. Open network tab in Browser Developer tools.

  2. Go to Minty's room, Don't run behind him you can't catch him!

  3. Check the Network tab for his image and Save the image chl9-2

  4. After looking at his image you will find his key ! chl9-3

  5. Get the bitting template thats match the key from Deviant's Key Decoding Templates

    key type > Schlage chl9-4

  6. Calculate the key bitting :

    key bitting values: 122520 chl9-5

  7. Generate the key using Key maching and save it: bzzzzz...dooone! chl9-6

  8. Go to the tunnel lock and use the key : chl9-7


Congratulations! You have completed the Get Access To The Steam Tunnels challenge! 🎉

🎓 What you've learned

  • Key bitting.
  • Access elements on Network tab.